Leather + Linen Boutique


My name is Maitland Wright, and I’m the owner of Leather + Linen Boutique. Like everyone else, the past few years have brought a lot of questions to mind, but the question that's been at the forefront is "What am I passionate about?" During this period of reflection, I was thinking about self-confidence and how style and fashion had been instrumental in helping me discover my own confidence. That's when it occurred to me that my passion was to share this love of fashion with women of all walks of life and maybe help inspire some confidence along the way. Thus, Leather + Linen was born. 

When deciding what name to go with, I chose Leather + Linen because I felt it was a reflection of my personal style — classic, chic, a little edgy, and always trendy. I wanted to curate a collection that embodies these elements while still remaining inclusive and affordable. My goal is to provide you with quality clothing, jewelry, and accessories to help you to be the best you.